Track Figure the attractive changed area with Artificial Intelligence using satellite imagery.
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Find rapidly changing areas with Artificial Intelligence using satellite imagery
The existing geospatial intelligence was carried out through inconvenient processes. But the combination of artificial intelligence is making a lot of changes. Massive amounts of satellite imagery will explode through constellation satellites. This trend will further increase the demand for the use of artificial intelligence. Use the google earth timelapse to see for yourself the satellite image of the world's rapidly changing area. Then mark the points that have changed with your team and organize a demonstration to present two things: "What technology can be used to find interesting changes?" and "Meaningful information of the areas that have changed."
SI Analytics Planning Creativity: What interesting areas did you find, and which standards did you use? (50 points) Compositional Logic: Did you find meaningful information from regional changes? (50 points) Idea Implementation: What technology did you use to derive interesting areas? (100 points)
Track Winner Prize
Total Prize: 2,000,000 KRW 1st Place: 2,000,000 KRW 2nd Place: Certificate 3rd Place: Certificate Track Winner Certificates are provided to all track winners. Certification of appreciation is provided to all participants.
Keumgang Cha
R&D team, Machine Learning Engineer
Seunghyun Jeon
Dev team, Technical Director