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Focus on fusion teams* for success in digital transformation. Build a prototype for fusion teams by choosing your preferred scenario that helps collaboration and productivity in business organizations.
Establishing a digital feedback loop helps all organizations achieve more to transform, become resilient, and unlock new value for their customers. For them to be successful, organizations need the capability to digitally connect every facet of their businesses, from their customers to their employees, their operations to their products. During this challenge, we expect you to focus on fusion teams* for success in digital transformation. Build a prototype for fusion teams by choosing your preferred scenario which helps collaboration and productivity in business organizations with Azure, Microsoft 365, and/or Power Platform**. These are examples of scenarios but not limited to: - Business admins have been manually managing events including event creation, calendar invitations, attendee registrations, and follow-up e-mails. How would you empower business admins to automate these manual processes? As a professional developer, you are providing APIs for them to utilize for automation. - Your team is responsible for aggregating all the expenses from different teams, analyzing overall usage against the planned budget, and generating a monthly consolidated report, and distributing it to all teams * Gartner defines it as: “fusion teams — multidisciplinary teams that blend technology and other types of domain expertise and are often designed to deliver products rather than projects.” ** See how you can leverage free developer plans:, and
The Selection Criteria Teams from Microsoft and related experts will review your submitted projects and assess them based on the following criteria. - Feasibility of Automation with APIs - Best Use of Microsoft Clouds: Azure, Microsoft 365, and Power Platform - Complexity to Implement - Originality - Teamwork & complexity - Extra points for tackling specified business problems
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Total Prize: 3,300,000 KRW 1st Place: 2,000,000 KRW 2nd Place: MS Keyboard + Mouse Set (worth about 150,000 KRW) For All Members 3rd Place: MS Mouse (worth about 60,000 KRW) For All Members Track Winner Certificates are provided to all track winners. Certification of appreciation is provided to all participants.
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