[Mission 5] Peer Review

2021/05/23 18:00-19:00
It's time for a "Peer Review" session - you can select the winner of JunctionX Seoul 2021!
The final winner of JunctionX Seoul 2021 will be evaluated by 100% participants' votes.
You can check the finalists' projects on:

How will the Peer Review session be proceeded?

We will have a SHOWCASE on this Notion page!
We will share every 12 team's final draft results:
presentation file
source code link
demo pitch video (optional)
And every single participant will vote which team will be the final winner of JunctionX Seoul 2021.

What if I have a question about the project?

The finalists will be on their Google Meet booth, so don't worry about it!
JunctionX Seoul will provide a virtual booth for each team,
and every participant can visit the booth(Google Meet) if they have any questions on the project.
Ask freely, and get well-understood on finalists' projects.
Because, it is the most important job to vote the final winner of JunctionX Seoul 2021.

So, where should I vote on?

Google form link will be provided when starting the Peer Review Session at 6PM (GMT +9)!
Just for reminder - every participant can ONLY vote for 1 TEAM on the survey for the final winner.
It’s your turn to select the winner of JunctionX Seoul 2021, please vote on awesome projects! All participants – including you – will check the final 12 teams’ awesome projects.