Team Building Session

2021/05/16 20:00 → 2021/05/21 21:00
Main Event
You need to assemble your Avengers team for JunctionX Seoul 2021.
At the JunctionX Seoul 2021 Slack workspace – guided in the mail – build your team on the #004_team-building-and-self-introduction channel!

Here are some useful tips:

We strongly recommend that you finish building your team before the event begins.
We recommend you to form a team with diverse roles – developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and etc.
If you face any difficulty in building your team, feel free to ask JunctionX Seoul crews for help in Slack!

Rules for team building:

Teams can consist of one to six people. We recommend a diverse five-member team with diverse backgrounds.
You cannot build a team with more than 7 people for any reason.
You cannot belong to two teams at the same time. Please make sure you belong to only one team.
Even if you applied as a team, additional team members can be recruited if needed.
Please click out the following LINK, if you want to check the detailed rules & conditions of JunctionX Seoul 2021 event.