Track. Barrier-Free Mobility Service
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Create a mobile(app/web) service that can make the lives of the mobility handicapped easier.
We have all dealt with mobility challenges before, and we may face them again in the future. We challenge you to plan a mobile application or web service that can improve the lives of people with mobility challenges. AUTOCRYPT’s track focuses on being “Barrier-free.” AUTOCRYPT’s fleet management system, AutoCrypt FMS, utilizes data collected from the vehicle to provide mobility services through the convergence of hardware and software. With this technology, AUTOCRYPT seeks to break the barriers to be “barrier-free” for those with mobility challenges because mobility shouldn’t be a privilege, it is a right. Plan a mobile app or web service that can improve the life of those living with these challenges so that every person can enjoy the right to a convenient, fair mobility environment.
1. Is your solution based on a good understanding of the Barrier-Free market and its customers? (20pt) 2. Is the proposed solution technically viable and impactful? (20pt) 3. Is the solution proposed a viable business model? (20pt) 4. How applicable is your solution to existing AutoCrypt FMS or other AutoCrypt tech lineups? (20pt) 5. How complete is the prototype? (20pt)
Track Winner Prize
Total Prize: 5,000,000 KRW 1st Place: 3,000,000 KRW + Internship* 2nd Place: 1,500,000 KRW + Free Pass** 3rd Place: 500,000 KRW + Free Pass** *Internship : 3~6 month internship if applied within a year **Free Pass : Will pass the first round of applications when applying to Autocrypt Track Winner Certificates are provided to all track winners. Certification of appreciation is provided to all participants.
Ian Kim Business Strategy Team Leader
Dan Lee Business Planning Team Leader
Special Event of AUTOCRYPT
AUTOCRYPT LIVE SESSION 12:00~12:30 - [Eng] Introduction AUTOCRYPT + HR
12:30~12:40 - [Eng] QnA
12:40~12:50 - Break Time
12:50~13:20 - [Kor] Introdution AUTOCRYPT + HR
13:20~13:30 - [Kor] QnA
13:30~13:40 - AUTOCRYPT QUIZ Announce
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